Other Lines

Opening: Creep Show, Peep Show - Fall, 2014
Location: Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

"Other Lines" was created for Creep Show, Peep Show, a show curated by Pam Kravitz at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.  The three telephones were installed in an inconspicuous fashion throughout the cabaret style show.  The sound piece played continuously by the three phones moves between sections of two kinds: a ringing between phones (often at changing harmonic and rhythmic intervals), and a mostly nonsensical conversation that takes place between the phones.  Each listener's experience is dependent upon when they choose to pick up a phone, which phone they choose, how long they listen, and if anyone is listening to another phone at the same time.  Insight into what each listener perceives as the other side of the conversation they are hearing is either left to their imagination, or to conversations with other people who happened to be listening to a different phone at the same time as them.