Artist's Statement

Justin West is a composer and artist whose work integrates music, electronics, and installation.  Justin creates interactive and immersive musical experiences using speakers, computer programming, and live performers.  His installations create spaces where observers become participants.  Each person crafts their own experience of the piece by moving through the sound space or by interacting with objects.  The structures in his work explores the different ways an object is a translation of an idea, expression, or impulse. 

Justin's installations reflect on the the parity and difference of musical and physical structures.  Throughout his work he explores the roles of composer, conductor, performer, instrument, and listener -- what they are and what they will become in the age of the bit.   


Justin West was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1988. He received his B.M. in Music Composition from Heidelberg University in 2011. West is known for creating large interactive sound installations.  West has exhibited his installations in venues around Cincinnati and is always interested in expanding his work into new and unusual locations.